Pádraic Keane


“In Full Tune” (2022)

In Full Tune is the debut solo piping album by Galway piper Pádraic Keane. The music featured on the album is a mix of both popular and lesser-heard tunes from the traditional repertoire. Inspiration is drawn from the music which he learnt growing up, as well as from the piping tradition of the last two centuries. The music is performed on three sets of uilleann pipes made in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, which are detailed in the album notes along with insightful information on the tunes.
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There is undoubtedly a sense of freedom in the recording, demonstrated through the melodic and rhythmic flourishes of Keane’s own musical voice and the wide-ranging repertoire.                                               - The Journal of Music - Jan 2022

Pádraic draws this rich mix of material together and brings his own unique style to this recording whilst demonstrating his mastery of the instrument.

-An Píobaire, Feb 2022

He can confidently take his place amongst the best of the piping masters who have gone before us.

-Seán Mc Kiernan

In Full Tune (Digital CD)

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